‘The Ethical Magic Sliders’

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“The Ethical Magic Sliders”, the twice awarded vegan slide sandals, are now available using Piñatex, the innovative pineapple textile!

Piñatex is a non-woven textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, which can be used as an alternative to leather. These leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. Moreover, the whole process creates an additional income stream for local farming communities. The result is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free waterproof material with a leather-like feel that is soft and flexible, yet very durable which acquires with time the same characteristics and wrinkles as animal leathers do.

About Ethical Magic Sliders:

With Ethical Magic Sliders you buy one pair of vegan upcycled sandals and then choose as many covers as you want. These covers button on the top part of the sandals (with snap buttons as shown in last photo), thus you can change look whenever you want. You can buy here the base (i.e. the sandals) and then choose from more than 60 designs – split in 3 categories (Classic / Fancy / Playful) under Women’s Sandals section – the designs that suit best your style. Of course the base can also be worn by itself.

Why Ethical:
+ with respect to humans: our sliders are locally made by craftsmen that work in safe and fair conditions, are treated with dignity & respect and are paid fairly for their work.
+with respect to animals: no animal was harmed in producing these sandals.
+with respect to the environment: our sliders are fabricated out of recycled materials combined with eco-friendly new materials.

Why Magic:
+ Save money: with one pair of slide sandals, you end up with countless possibilities! Isn’t this magic?
+ Save space: this summer, travel light and pack as many designs and colors you want on holiday. Showcase your creativity by switching your style to match your mood!

Size: Ethical Magical Sliders come in seven sizes, i.e. from 36 to 42 EU . *Tip: our sliders have a wide form in sense that if someone is in the middle, for example EU38.5 she should choose EU38 in our slides

Size Conversion Chart

36 – 6
37 – 6,5/7
38 – 7,5/8
39 – 8,5
40 – 9/9,5
41 – 10
42 – 10,5/11

. the soles are made of defective recycled car tires that cannot be used in cars’ industry
. the upper parts are made of  Piñatex pineapple sustainable waterproof vegan textile using 100% cotton fabric for lining
. the insoles are anatomical and are made of cork and rubber.


‘Harlequin Sweetlips’ – blouse with holes
‘Sharptail Eel’ – skinny pants with “flaps”
‘Harlequin Sweetlips’ – blouse with holes
‘Sharptail Eel’ – skinny pants with “flaps”
‘Harlequin Sweetlips’ – blouse with holes
‘Sharptail Eel’ – skinny pants with “flaps”
‘Harlequin Sweetlips’ – blouse with holes
‘Sharptail Eel’ – skinny pants with “flaps”
‘Harlequin Sweetlips’ – blouse with holes + ‘Sharptail Eel’ – skinny pants with “flaps”
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