Blue gray ucpcycled rolltop with zipper


A fine blue men’s wool suit is the basic article used in this upcycled rucksack

The pocket of the suit has been used on the front ideal for accessing basic things. The lapel’s suit is used to partially cover an extra opening – securing with zipper- which gives the ability to access easily the inside of the bag without having to unroll it. Gray and green wool & cotton textiles complete this rucksack’s patchwork. Small pocket (18x14cm / 7×5.5 inches) securing with zipper on the back if you want to keep your valuables safely. One inner pocket – 22x23cm / 8.5×9 inches – as well , securing with zipper

The bottom of the bag is made from high quality black vegan leather. Adjustable (different in colors)  back straps with soft material on the top protecting the shoulders. Top loop handle for carrying. The rucksack secures with a blue/olive green cotton strap ending to a big bronze hook.

Color: blue, gray and green

Dimensions (when rolled): 46×35 cm (18×14 inches)

Care : Dry-clean only


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