CIRCULAR CULTURES – 27/02 at Onassis Stegi, Athens

Eating the Goober is invited by the British Council
to talk at Onassis-Stegi about Circular Cultures
– Thursday 27/02/2020 –

“This two-day event aims to build on the experience of Crafting the Future and take the programme one step further, focusing on building interconnections and stronger ties between stakeholders in the fashion, design and crafts industries with a view to creating a more sustainable and ethical ecosystem.

While last year’s event laid the groundwork for understanding what sustainability means for different actors across the wider field of fashion and crafts, this year’s event will use circularity as a tool to interlink the strengths of each stakeholder group, create a future with enhanced circular design, and explore how circular design can be applied to fashion, design and new businesses, as well as to consumer behaviour.

We aim to explore sustainable design, innovation and new materials, looking at new directions for natural, synthetic and mixed materials; consider how archival material can help us visualise the future by looking closely at the past; devise new models for creative industry, production and manufacture; examine the social and business environment; and lastly identify the changes that lie ahead for people – designers, businesses, educators, users and policymakers – as we move into more circular design contexts.

On the first day of our Circular Cultures programme, we will have the opportunity to examine current state-of-the-art circular design practices through a series of keynote talks, panel discussions and showcases of innovative materials and practices, while on day two, hands-on training through workshops will provide valuable know-how to emerging and established designers, policy makers and businesses in the design and fashion industries.”