Spring / Summer 20

SS 20

      Square   route

Human paths are never straight lines. Neither curved nor deflected. The paths of life are usually curved. Circular. Large and small circles, curves that go off on a tangent or circles that are within one another.

Then again, there are some paths that seem more like squares. Paths that change routes, either by need or desire, abruptly shifting at 90 degree angles. Though these paths may require the greatest effort and mental vigor in changing course, they offer the greatest reward concealed around the corner.

And so I etch my own paths. Small and large, daily routes, excursions and trips to the countryside, treks, long voyages, small getaways that all sum up to a lifetime journey. Some are done routinely while others after much deliberation. Some bestow great pleasures upon us while others require hard work.

This summer, I dress in white, grey and light blue, adding a tint of yellow to emulate the rays of the sun. I cross asphalt roads, alleyways, dirt paths and fields while I reflect on my own “circles and squares”.

 I pay homage to my personal routes and curved paths. Yet in the end, what truly makes me proud, are my squares.

I dare to turn and where need be, square my circles.