Autumn / Winter 19-20

AW 19/20

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I am a rock. Stable, consistent and supportive. I evolve in my own durability. I’m always here, an inherent part of nature’s footprint. You know where to find me. I am the earth, I am my own BODY.

I am scissors. Sharp, creative and unstoppable. I alter what I don’t like. I have a sharp mind and a piercing opinion. I am ready to cut through my limitations. I create the avant-garde, and express myself freely. I am my own MIND.

I am paper. Oblivious to change. I don’t mind being wrinkled. Unaltering has never been appealing to me. I change, I rejuvenate, I wrinkle and I evolve. I am alive and I breathe. I have the maturity to set my limits. I can embrace you, wrap around you, feel and love you. I unfold, inviting you to read through me. I am my own SOUL.

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. I am all three encompassed into one. A child’s pastime. The rock can break the scissors, the scissors can cut the paper and the paper can shroud the rock. Eventually, what prevails? None or all? I am more than ready for the coming winter. Adapting to my circumstances. That is my magic.