Unusual clothes, sandals & bags

‘Eating the Goober’ is a fresh Athens based brand of clothing , upcycled bags and slide sandals.

What Eating the Goober means?

‘Super goober’ was the magic peanut that would miraculously transform Goofy, the cartoon character, into “Super Goof”. Metaphorically, “Eating the Goober” represents the effort to reveal our very own superhero alter ego. It surely takes a little more than scoffing a peanut to find our untapped strengths, but wearing something unique and unusual seems like a good way to start. We believe that everybody has their own distinctive ‘super goober’. It’s just a matter of realizing it and eating it.


We support the global sustainable fashion movement by respecting humans , animals & environment. Our production is made locally manufactured by craftsmen with fair treatment of workers at every stage of production. We use high quality materials and we never use animal leather nor silk. We love upcycling and the process of creating something new out of what is considered as waste by others.

E+he G clothes

The designs unite minimalism, geometry and a trace of Japanese influence, combined with androgynous style. Elements of the clothing inspired by traditional male attire are blended with feminine, asymmetric motifs. Most of the outfits can be combined in more than one way, encouraging each woman to be as creative and unique as she feels.

E+he G upcycled bags

We create unique bags made from men’s suits and other garments, blended with brand new textiles. Items that once served different functions and purposes, have been transformed into something fresh, mixing used and new, combining vintage with contemporary. You see, our bags have already eaten the goober! Our bags are unique , not only because it’s made of exclusive men’s attire but because we never do the same design twice!

E+he G sandals , the ‘Ethical Magic Sliders’

Sandals that are made of upcycled & eco-friendly materials; + by changing the upper part of the sandals you can change easily look whenever you want!


+ with respect to humans: our sliders are locally made by craftsmen that work in safe and fair conditions, are treated with dignity & respect and are paid fairly for their work.

+ with respect to animals: no animal was harmed in producing these sandals.

+ with respect to the environment: our sliders are fabricated out of recycled materials (defective tires that cannot be used in cars as well as old used car inner tubes) combined with eco-friendly new materials.


+ Save money: with one pair of slide sandals, you end up with countless possibilities! Isn’t that magical?

+ Save space: travel light and pack as many designs and colors you want on holiday. Showcase your creativity by switching your style to match your mood!


Enjoy free shipping for orders above 120€ !!